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Known Issues



Version 2.0.01 - May 25, 2015

[NEW] Added support for Host-aliases in Tomcat, instead of creating a new Host context for each incoming hostname. A new optional request header x-webserver-context is necessary for this purpose, which is supported in the Apache module, and the IIS BonCode connector since version 1.0.22.  - Paul

[NEW] Apache module is rewritten in native C, which removes the need for Perl to be installed, and thus replacing the module. - Paul

[NEW]  Improved Tomcat context creation time, by adding default support for disabling the Tomcat Jar Scanner, using new config setting scanClassPaths. - Paul

[NEW] Added support for a shared secret key between Apache/IIS and Tomcat. Highly recommended to use, to prevent unauthorized context creation. - Paul

[NEW] Added x-vdirs header support in the Apache module, for Lucee. This request header value contains a list of available directory mappings for the frontend webserver, which will be auto-mapped by Lucee on the backend as well. - Paul

[NEW] In case of any request-aborting errors, the actual error text is now displayed on-screen, with status code 503. - Paul

[UPDATE] The maxContexts counter is reset when Tomcat restarts, and not on a daily basis anymore. - Paul

[FIX] Web contexts were sometimes created with a document-root of a different web context; this is now fixed - Paul

[FIX] The waitForContext time was always fully used as a wait time, no matter if the context was created meanwhile. This is now fixed - Paul

[DEPRECATION] The waitForContext setting is not used anymore, since context creation is a synchronous process. - Paul

[CONFIG] The default value for timeBetweenContexts is changed from [30000] to [2000] - Paul


[Known issue, fixed in version 1.1] - Occasionally a user will be displayed the contents of the default context rather then the context that they requested. This effect goes away once enough time has passed for Tomcat to effectively create the context and start serving from it, but depending on system load and specifications, the time it takes to create a context varies widely, and is difficult (if not impossible) to verify.

Version 1.0.14 - Feb 20, 2013

[NEW] Added context throttling options in an effort to help secure mod_cfml from certain kinds of DoS attacks. -Jordan

Version 1.0.8 - Aug 9, 2012

[NEW] Added additional logging messages to help users identify possible problems. -Jordan

Version 1.0.1 - February 20, 2012

[FIX] Wait process will remove existing work directories and will wait for them to be created. *1 -Jordan

*1 - This is intended to help address the context verification issue that occasionally happens while waiting for the context to be created. Occasionally the context will not be fully created when the redirect happens, and the user will be shown the default context instead of the context they requested. We are currently investigating better ways of addressing this.

Version 1.0.0 - January 1, 2012

Initial release.