The mod_cfml project consists of two modules: The Web Server Module and the Tomcat Valve. Both are needed in order to automate the process of adding contexts automatically into Tomcat, and both are available below:

Current Version: 1.1.01

Web Server Modules

Operating system Webserver 32-bit webserver 64-bit webserver License
(you will need to install the Microsoft
C++ 2010 package: X64 or X86)
IIS BonCode Connector BonCode Connector Apache License, Version 2
Apache 2.2 Win-httpd22-x86 Win-httpd22-x64 LGPL3
Apache 2.4 Win-httpd24-x86 Win-httpd24-x64 LGPL3
Mac OSX 10.10 Apache 2.4   Mac OSX httpd24-x64 LGPL3
CentOS Apache 2.2 CentOS httpd22-x86 CentOS httpd22-x64 LGPL3
Apache 2.4   CentOS httpd24-x64 LGPL3
Ubuntu Apache 2.2 Ubuntu httpd22-x86 Ubuntu httpd22-x64 LGPL3
Apache 2.4   Ubuntu httpd24-x64 LGPL3
All others Compile instructions -

Tomcat Valve

Compiled JARs:

Compiled JAR on GitHub

License: LGPL3

Source code

See the source code at


Older releases are available from: