Installation Instructions

The following pages describe the process of Installing the two components of mod_cfml into either IIS or Apache and your Tomcat server.

IMPORTANT: All of the following tutorials expect that you have Tomcat already installed.

Tomcat can be downloaded and installed from the following URL:


Tomcat is also pre-installed when you use the either the OpenBD Installer or the Railo Installer.


Mod_cfml is a suite of programs that automatically configure Tomcat to support web hosts that are already configured in your web server (IIS or Apache). The software programs copy the site configurations from your web server over to Tomcat, and thus remove the need to configure Tomcat under most circumstances.

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Web Components

The mod_cfml web server components are the pieces of mod_cfml that read your web server's configuration and pass that information on to the mod_cfml Tomcat valve.

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Tomcat Component

The Tomcat Valve is responsible for creating new Tomcat hosts and host aliases when it encounters them and is a required part of the mod_cfml software suite.

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